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Best Rented Referrals System in the PTC World, Rent Referrals for 300 Clicks, not for 30 days, 100% Profit

We provide SEO based Traffic & Geo Targeting

Gtptc always tried to Provide Quality Traffic to your Business, We Provide Geo Targeting and we always send Quality Traffic to increase your Site visitors and Rank by Reducing Exit Rates, maintain best Bounce Rate with in Low cost Ad Packs or by free Traffic Exchange

Surf Ads


Click Ads(PPC)


About Gtptc

Gtptc is under Gt-eGroups from India, Paying from 2015 to till now

Gtptc is a Digital Advertising Business with Earnings,
Advertisers Spend money, Members Get Money

Gtptc is a medium between Advertisers & Members, giving Traffic to Advertisers and Money to Members

Members Just need to Click Ads Placed by Advertisers and also earn more by getting Referrals, Rent Referrals

Free to Register & free Membership for Life time

Life Time Membership

Gtptc Offers Life time memberships, Every member in Gtptc is with Standard membership, to unlock all features Upgrade to Gold with $50 for Life time

Publish Ads

Publish Ads is like a PTP(Paid to Promote) - Just Promote your Publisher Link on Social media etc & Earn up to $0.0001 Per each Unique view

Rent Referrals

Gtptc Provides Best RR System in the PTC World, Members can Rent Referrals for Clicks not for days, So Members can never loss with our RR System.


PTP Ads are Published on Social media & 3rd Party websites, Our members will Published your Ads in all networks, Get 2000 Clicks per $1.

Click Ads

Click Ads will deliver Guarrented, Quality Clicks and views to your Website or Blog, Get 1000 Clicks per $1.

Free Traffic

Free Traffic Exchange to Advertise and Earn, Advertisers will Freely Advertise their website or Blog.

Running Days