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Gtptc forum upgraded, Now no need to Register for account in forum

Gtptc now provides Forum feature more effectively with Single Sign in, Messaging etc

Forum upgraded and Now no need to Register for new account in forum,

You can access forum with your Gtptc Account details

No need to Sign up for new account in forum to use Gt forum feature

All existing users who are registered in Gtptc are also access forum freely no restrictions,

Message System also available for all users, members can chat with each other,

You can also Contact us immediately by Send message to Admin

*Second Update :

*From 10-04-2017, who received Payments from Gtptc, those members must need to Post Payment Proof in Gtptc forum,

Other wise, your Next cash out not Processed until you Post your Previous Payment Proof,

This Rule for who cashed out after 10-04-2017, so Previous cash out members don't worry about it

Thank you

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What is

Gtptc is a Digital Advertising Business with Publish ads,

Advertisers Spend money, Members Get Money

Gtptc is a medium between Advertisers & Members, Giving Traffic to Advertisers and Money to Members

Members Just need to Click Ads Placed by Advertisers and earn more by buying RR, getting Referrals, etc

Free to Register & free Membership for Life time

We are Trusted and Instant Paying.

Gtptc has Great Features

So, Why are you waiting for? Start Earnings now!

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What is Get Dollar Ad Shares?

Get dollar is closed now

Get Dollar is a Special Share system from Gtptc, Members can Get Profit and Ad Clicks

Per each Dollar Pack you can earn up to 106% Profit per each Ad share,

you can earn 105% Money + 1% Ad Clicks = 106% ROI

per each $1 of Get Dollar Ad share purchase,

You will get:

$1.05 worth 2100 Points + $0.01 worth Ad Clicks = $1.06 worth ROI

Profit will be credited by Clicking Ads and your Ad value based on how many Points you have, 1 Point = $0.0005,

How many Points you have, that much Profit you will get, it's based on your Business Idea

By this Ad shares, Every One can get Profit, when each time of purchasing Ad shares,

because, we instantly provide a PPC(Pay per Click) service to your Ads when purchasing Get Dollar Ad shares

there is no loss at all and Make Trust to all members

Purchase Get Dollar Ad Share Now

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What is Get Traffic?

Get Traffic means free Traffic Exchange

In Gtptc, Get Traffic available with different options :

Just Place your Traffic Ad now, Get Traffic Ad

Member Can earn Credits, Money by Surfing Get Traffic ads

We will give up to 10 Traffic Credits per each Exchange based on Ad Timer 5 Sec - 60 Sec

and in Auto Traffic Ad timer is double, i.e 10 Sec - 120 Sec

Go to Get Traffic Now!

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What is Referrals?

Referrals are users like you who are registered in Gtptc

There are two types of referrals:

Direct Referrals: These users registered under you using your username as their referrer.

Rented Referrals: These users registered without a referrer.

Gtptc Provides Best RR System in the PTC World,

In Gtptc, Members can Rent Referrals for Clicks not for days like other PTC sites

How exactly do I get paid by Rented Referrals?

You can get $0.001 per each Click by RR and up to 5 clicks daily = $0.005 daily per each RR

*Note : some times you can get less than 10 clicks per each RR, but your earnings with Profit are guaranteed 

How much Cost per each RR and there is any limit to RR?

Below, you can find Complete details of Rented Referrals

  • Each RR Cost $0.285 $0.27 and you will get 300 Clicks not for 30 days = $0.015 $0.03 Guaranteed Profit per each RR
  • There is no limit Limit to Rented Referrals, you can Rent Unlimited MAX 3,000 Referrals
  • We Provide RR pack from min 3 RR to max of 400 RR
  • you need to wait for 5 days to Purchase RR again
  • You don't need to Auto Pay or Recycle your RR,
  • All Rented Referrals in Gtptc are active, if they not active our system will Auto update your earnings and Clicks daily
  • You can Extend your RR per 300 Clicks and 900 Clicks

Rent Referrals Now!

How exactly do I get paid by Direct Referrals?

The amount we pay you depends on a few different factors.

  • Get $0.0002 $0.00(No Earnings by DR Clicks) to main Balance Instantly per each Standard ads Click made by Referral Joined under you
  • You Earnings based on Click value and how many clicks made by your Referrals
  • Your Referral Click value is Exactly $0.0002 $0.00 when click on Standard ads in Click Ads
  • Earn $0.5, $1, $5, $10 as a Referral upgrade commission as 10%, 20%

Get Referrals Now!

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How to Cash out from Gtptc?

You can Cash out your money by Paypal, BitCoins, Payza and Bank Payment for Indians

Paypal, Payza, Bitcoin is the Preferred Payment method to all members of Gtptc except Indian members,

Indian members can only Paid through Bank Payments, Indian members Paid by Direct Bank Transfer - NEFT or RTGS,

Minimum Payout : $2

when you Reach $2 in your Main balance, you can withdraw your money as per your Payment Processor

After you request your payment, you'll receive it with in 1-7 days.

unless some kind of technical difficulty or Holidays is encountered during the process.

Cash out Now!

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How can i Add funds to Gtptc?

Are you ready to Add funds to Gtptc,

then Go to -> Add Funds

in Add funds page, you can See Paypal, Payza, Other Gateways(Bitcoin, Bank etc)

we are planning to Add Payza also, (UPDATE : 15-04-2017 - Payza Added to Gtptc)

Now you want to Add money by Paypal,

just enter amount you want to Invest and click on Paypal Button

It will Redirect you to Paypal Check out page and process your transaction then get back to Gtptc page,

Paypal will redirect you to Gtptc account, and on Successful Transaction your funds will be Added to Purchase Balance

if your account not updated even on successful Transaction, please contact us we will update it

for Payza, Same like Paypal, Click on Payza Button

if you want to Add funds by Bitcoins or Bank payments, Check Other Gateways(Bitcoin, Bank etc) link.

and send payment to our Bitcoin address or Bank and Contact us with that Transaction details,

we will manually update your Gtptc account

*Note : Members who Add funds Manually by Bitcoin, Bank Payment, You must contact us before and After Adding funds to Gtptc,

Other wise your Transaction not completed

*Indian Members can't Add funds by Paypal, they can Transfer funds from Bank or Credit/Debit card Transfer,

Contact us for more

after Transfer Contact Admin, Then we manually Updated those Funds to your Gtptc Account

Add Funds Now!

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How can i earn money in Gtptc?

In Gtptc, you can earn money by Different Steps

Step 1 : View ads Daily to earn money, you can earn $0.0005 - $0.02 per each Click on Standard Ads and Fixed Ads

Step 2 : Get Direct Referrals to earn more, Earn $0.50, $5 Per each Referral Upgrade Commission & $0.0002 $0.00 instantly Per each Click on Standard Ads made by Your Referral under you,

Earnings based on how many clicks made by your Referrals

Step 3 : Rent Referrals, Gtptc Provides Best RR system in the PTC World, Rent Referrals for 300 Clicks, not 30 days, You Never loss from RR in Gtptc, 100% Profit

Step 4: Get Traffic is a free Traffic Exchange system in Gtptc, Surf Traffic for credits to Advertise

Step 5 : Publish Ads(PTP) Earn money by Promoting(Sharing) the Link in Social media or in 3rd Party Websites etc, like Paid to Promote(PTP).

Step 6 : Upgrade your account for 30 Days or 365 Days with $5 or $50 only, then Unlock all features to earn more money

Do these first 5 Steps Daily & Step 6 in the validity of membership, you will Get Good Profits and Promote your Business with in Budget

Just Start your Earnings Now!

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payment from Gtptc

Congrats Resvita, keep earn more from Gtptc by Joining your friends and family

Thank you

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Payza Payment Processor added to Gtptc

Good news to Gtptc members,

After so long time of Gtptc launched, Gtptc Now accepting Payza Payments,

All users who had Payza, they can Add funds through Payza

Minimum limit to Add funds by Payza to Gtptc is $5,

Coming to Cash out, at now we are not allowing Cash out through Payza,

because we just started Payza Payments, we need some time to test Payza (no other Reasons)

We will definitely Allow Gtptc members to Cash out through Payza, but some more days needed, may be couple of weeks

So, don't worry about Cash out through Payza

We will add it in next couple of weeks and Cash out limit through Payza is $5 or $2

We will decide that by following Payza and Indian Rules

So, Just start Deposit through Payza then Earn more and Advertise in Gtptc

Thank you

Gtptc - Get Paid to Click
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