How can i Add funds to Gtptc?

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Are you ready to Add funds to Gtptc,

then Go to -> Add Funds

in Add funds page, you can See Paypal, Payza, Other Gateways(Bitcoin, Bank etc)

we are planning to Add Payza also, (UPDATE : 15-04-2017 - Payza Added to Gtptc)

Now you want to Add money by Paypal,

just enter amount you want to Invest and click on Paypal Button

It will Redirect you to Paypal Check out page and process your transaction then get back to Gtptc page,

Paypal will redirect you to Gtptc account, and on Successful Transaction your funds will be Added to Purchase Balance

if your account not updated even on successful Transaction, please contact us we will update it

for Payza, Same like Paypal, Click on Payza Button

if you want to Add funds by Bitcoins or Bank payments, Check Other Gateways(Bitcoin, Bank etc) link.

and send payment to our Bitcoin address or Bank and Contact us with that Transaction details,

we will manually update your Gtptc account

*Note : Members who Add funds Manually by Bitcoin, Bank Payment, You must contact us before and After Adding funds to Gtptc,

Other wise your Transaction not completed

*Indian Members can't Add funds by Paypal, they can Transfer funds from Bank or Credit/Debit card Transfer,

Contact us for more

after Transfer Contact Admin, Then we manually Updated those Funds to your Gtptc Account

Add Funds Now!

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