Earn $5, $10 Per each Referral - Referral Upgrade Commission Added

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BIG Earnings with Gtptc by joining Referrals under you in Gtptc

We finally Added Referral Upgrade Commission

Now you earn up to $10 per each Referral joined under you, when they Upgrade to Gold Membership

that means, if your friend joined in Gtptc under your Referral link,

then you will Get $10 Instantly, when your friend Upgraded to Gold membership

* You can Earn $5, $10 Per each Referral Joined under you, when they Upgrade to Gold membership

* In Standard Membership you get $5 Referral Upgrade Commission

* In Gold Membership you get $10 Referral Upgrade Commission

So, to get $10 Referral upgrade Commission, you need to Upgrade to Gold membership

other wise no Problem, but you will get $5 as a Standard member

So, Start your Earnings by joining your Friends & Family members under your Referral Link

Get your Referral Link on Banners link in "Earn Money" menu


and also we added MAX cash out Limit,

$10 Max Cash out for Standard member

$100 Max Cash out for Gold member

that means, per each Cash out request, Standard member can't withdraw more than $10 & Gold member not more than $100

Feel free to send your feedback

Thank you

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hello Admin PTC GTPTC verry low :(

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rizkiabdilah @ Sep 27, 2017, 3:29:23 AM
hello Admin PTC GTPTC verry low :(

Low means in Earnings? Or site speed,

Please reply with clear details where you feel that,

Gtptc giving $10 per Referral upgrade commission, I think no site giving this 10% - 20% share

and Rented guaranteed Profit of $0.015 per each RR,

We challenge no other PTC site will give guaranteed profits in RR

We also planning to give more features to earn money

Remember that, Gtptc plan business for mutual Profits to user & Gtptc,

So, we always giving Real profits only,

Don't worry, you can earn more dollars here, don't loss your hope just by seeing small cents and no one earn big amounts just by clicking ads only, you need to rent referrals and join Referrals etc

Feel free to discuss with us, we will also think for that

Thank you

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