Payza Payment Processor added to Gtptc

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Good news to Gtptc members,

After so long time of Gtptc launched, Gtptc Now accepting Payza Payments,

All users who had Payza, they can Add funds through Payza

Minimum limit to Add funds by Payza to Gtptc is $5,

Coming to Cash out, at now we are not allowing Cash out through Payza,

because we just started Payza Payments, we need some time to test Payza (no other Reasons)

We will definitely Allow Gtptc members to Cash out through Payza, but some more days needed, may be couple of weeks

So, don't worry about Cash out through Payza

We will add it in next couple of weeks and Cash out limit through Payza is $5 or $2

We will decide that by following Payza and Indian Rules

So, Just start Deposit through Payza then Earn more and Advertise in Gtptc

Thank you

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Payaz is up for fraud ,Ian

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scotland79 @ Apr 18, 2017, 8:55:00 AM
Payaz is up for fraud ,Ian

I also accept it, because Payza doesn't guarantee for refunds when you loss by site gone scam

That's why we are not interested in Payza from Last​ 2 years

But some members who are don't have PayPal they only interested in Payza and request us to add Payza

So to reach those users we added Payza

Gtptc always prefer trusted business in both sides from us and users

So don't worry about it, it's user choice

who have Payza only they will use Payza

Thanks for your feedback

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